If I Only Had a Brain


Music: Harold Arlen,
Lyrics :E.Y. Harburg
Arranged by: Tanya Perkins
Piano: Hank Troy
Orchestration: Tom Capek

Someone very wise once asked me, what do you think the greatest sin is? Well, I suppose, “thou shall not kill would rank pretty high”… I was corrected. The greatest sin is self condemnation, self doubt, self depreciation. Because the sense of self condemnation acts as a catalyst to all other sin, why? Because it is the feeling that we are separated from good, that somehow we are not complete or good enough in whatever the issue seems to be. In the movie of The Wizard of Oz, all the characters feel they are incomplete in some way. Dorothy needs home, she has been tossed into the land of Oz in a state a frustration and ingratitude for her present home and then spends the rest of the movie trying to get back The Tinman wants a heart, the lion courage and the scarecrow brains. Well as you all know, each character realizes that they all had what they needed before their journey to OZ ever began, and it came from within. They just needed to realize it, embrace it, and express it.

If I Only Had a Brain


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