Eternal God Our Father Orchestral Version


A new arrangement of Eternal God Our Father by Jean Sibelius. (Includes some orchestration in the accompaniment).

Newly recorded. and available exclusively from Tanya Kay Perkins.

Eternal God Our Father


Eternal God Our Father

Eternal God, the All-in-all, our Father,
We lift our hearts in joyous song to Thee:
From age to age Thy name doth stand exalted,
Thy glory fills the earth, sky, and sea.
Almighty One, creative Mind, immortal,
Which was and is and ever shall be.
Dear God of Love, eternal good, our Savior,
Supply our need, our every need each day:
Teach us to love, As Thou dost love, our neighbor,
Purge us from sin and self, we pray.
Thy kingdom come, in all the earth as heaven,
Be Thou our guide, our hope our stay.
In pastures green, by waters still, lead onward,
Till we shall know that good alone is here.
Help us to prove, As Jesus proved before us,
Truth casts out sin, disease and fear.
And may Thy Word abide with us forever,
O Lord of Life, O Love most dear.

Jean Sibelius, Beth Kurti Miller, and Oak E. Davis
Copyright ©1948 by Carl Fischer, Inc. Copyright renewed.
All rights assigned to Carl Fischer, LLC.
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All rights reserved. Used by permission.